kidü was created by moms and dads who were, in a word, overwhelmed.
We were overwhelmed by baby gear. Overwhelmed by advice.

Overwhelmed by our exhaustion.

We got together and said,

“There’s got to be a better way.”

A better way to solve common parenting problems fast.

A better way to find cool activities that help kids giggle and grow.

A better way to master the essential skills we need to guide our kids to success.

Then one of us said, “I wish I could carry a parenting genie in my pocket!”

Suddenly, a flash of light. You could practically see the same thought in everyone’s eyes:

Could we harness the power of mobile to grant moms and dads three wishes? We started with a wish list of our own:

  1. We were tired of frantically searching the web for the information we needed to solve parenting problems. We wished for a curated library of news & advice.


  2. We were tired of paying heaps of money to experts when our children had trouble latching on, making friends in preschool, or frankly, getting the peepee into the potty where it belonged. We wished for parenting experts to help us out for free.


  3. We were tired of playing the same kids’ games over and over and over. We wished for new activity ideas based on our children’s ages, the amount of time we had available, and the materials we happened to have around.

One year later, the genie devoted to raising happier parents has finally come out of the bottle.

So what are you waiting for?
Download the kidü, the app that makes parenting wishes come true.